"Internet Filmmaking Sensations Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda
of Blame Society Productions" (56:49 min.)




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  Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda of Blame Society Productions are one of the most renowned producer teams of sketch
  comedy films on the Internet. They are best known for their hugely successful series Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, Fun
  Rangers, and Super Shooter. At the time of this production, their YouTube™ Channel commanded more than 72.6 million
  total video
 views and 180 thousand subscribers.

  During their careers, they have won more than a dozen film festival awards and the prestigious George Lucas Selects Award
  from the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. They have been written about in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA
  Today, TV Week Magazine, Chicago Sun Times, The Washington Post, and The Metro (UK). Their work has appeared on
  VH-1, ABC’s Good Morning America, BBC News, G4 Tech TV, and Spike TV.

  In this program, Matt and Aaron discuss how they achieved YouTube™ Channel rankings of #15 “Most Subscribed 
and #18 “Most Viewed (All Time) – Comedians,” share valuable information on how to create and expand a 
  loyal audience, explain how they monetize their content, and much more. Current fans will enjoy Matt and Aaron’s story on
  how they grew from their beginnings as public access TV show producers to full-time, self-supporting filmmakers. Aspiring
  Internet content producers will find their advice and production tips inspirational and invaluable for guiding their own careers.

 Customer Reviews:

  “This piece of work remains as one of my favorite productions as it is both informative and delivers gut-splitting laughter through the zany writing styles and
  hilarious acting of Blame Society Productions’ characters. It is truly a ‘one-of-a-kind’ original and is very refreshing to experience. I was thoroughly impressed,
  and recommend it to anyone who has come to love all of Blame Society’s films. Great job!"
– Scott

"Emmy® and Cannes Film Festival Award-Winning
Documentary Filmmaker, David Hoffman" (90-min.)




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  In what is arguably the most in-depth interview on his distinguished 40-year career, Emmy® and Cannes Film Festival award-
  winning documentary filmmaker, David Hoffman
shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in this fascinating 90-minute 
  documentary. Hoffman shares his insight on many creative processes such as storyline and character development, explains how
  he achieved multiple #1 prime time television ratings, showcases some of his most lucrative multi award-winning film fest projects,
  gives our viewers solid advice on how to get their projects on television, and much more. 
  Tragically, a fire destroyed Mr. Hoffman’s home and the majority of his irreplaceable film masters and personal collections, including his
  interviews with Ronald Reagan, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, and some of LIFE Magazine’s greatest photographers. For the first time
  ever, Hoffman invites cameras into the room where he now keeps the items that survived the fire. He gives our viewers a personal tour
  while he talks candidly about loss, recovery, rebuilding, and his plans for future endeavors. A 30-minute, special edition extended tour
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  David Hoffman has been capturing reality for approximately four decades. His national and international awards include: the Cannes
  Film Festival Critics Prize, the George Foster Peabody Award, and blue ribbons at the American Film Festival, New York Film Festival,
  Chicago International Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival and Houston International Film Festival. Mr. Hoffman has
  produced hundreds of network television commercials, five documentary-style features and eighty-eight prime time PBS® specials and
  series, including specials for Nova® and The American Experience™. His 125 reality films have appeared on The History Channel®,
  PBS®, TBS®, HBO®, and The Discovery™ Channel. 

  Amazon.com: Two “5 Star” Ratings.
  5 Stars – “As a creative professional myself, I was able to appreciate Mr. Hoffman's stories and insights into the TV and film industries. He offers worthwhile advice to
  others as he explains his history and accomplishments as a filmmaker. I would recommend this film to any creative person, especially aspiring and veteran filmmakers.” 
  5 Stars – "What Bruce Bennett has done in about 90 minutes is capture what's best about David's approach to 'the creative'... what it is that moves him, how he learns,
  how he addresses the challenges, and why he's a continuing source of great ideas and good feeling."

  DocumentaryFilms.net: Fourteen “5 Star” Ratings.

  eHow.com: Thirteen “5 Star” Ratings.
  5 Stars – “Fabulous job A++++!!! 2 thumbs up for this one!!!!!”
  5 Stars – Finally, a helpful article that includes a memorable example instead of just basic guidelines! There are far too many simplistic books and dvds out there that
  don't go beyond generalizations. This had a powerful excerpt that really drove the point home!”
  5 Stars – “Very precise...5*.gr8 info.” 

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  For the first time ever, Hoffman invites cameras into the room where he now keeps the items that survived his fire and gives our viewers
  an extended personal tour.  In this 30-minute special edition DVD, he talks candidly about loss, recovery, rebuilding, his plans for future
  endeavors, and shares his personal story.

  “A fire can put a man out but it did not put him under.
  Where I keep my things after my fire.
  Fire be not proud.
  My hideaway room
  Where my burned-out things are kept.
  How I survived my fire.
  Fire destroyed his house - but not his creative spirit.
  Fire things.”

  - Documentary Filmmaker, David Hoffman